The only glasses created by you, for you


The only glasses created by you, for you

Your exclusive Eye’m frame in 6 steps


In about 20 minutes the optician scans your face and reproduces it in 3D.


With the help of your optician you will create your personal glasses choosing the shape and color perfect for you.


Using a resin 3D printer we will create your own pair of EYE’M glasses.


Once the printing is done the frame will be manually polished and refined.


Each part of your frame is hand-colored by a technician following the color palette you personally selected.


Once the process is finished your frame will be assembled by hand.

The glasses that say who you are and are just like you went them to be. You will never have to settle down and you are finally able to see the world with your own personal point of view.

So unique, so you!

Be yourself!
Thanks to our Personaleyes software, you are your own designer, you can create your EYE’M directly from the scan of your face, based on your personal tastes and your style.
You can choose the shape, color and details to create a unique piece,just like you are!

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Round? Thinner? Colorful?
There are no limits to your creativity!

Science meets the artisan precision

There are no more limits in the eyewear world: the EYE’M glasses were born thanks to the union between a highly innovative technology and artisan maestry. After being developed by the innovative 3D printer all the frames are perfected and refined by hand. Each and every frame is colored, assembled by the skilled hands of an artisan, sold only after a full check.

We are proud to declare that every EYE’M
is made in Italy with italian products and components.

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