Should we do it? Yes, let’s do it.
For this simple question EYE’M was born.

The desire to experiment, to do something no one has done before its the was the spring the pushed us to keep going further with this idea. A doctor and a businessman, nothing in common but hsi idea brought us closer than ever.
“We will create glasses that were made by those that will actually wear it“. Thanks to a face scan, a 3D printer and an incredible team that puts together and colors your frames we will make what was only in your head a reality. This was possible thanks to all our partners, who just like us believed in and supported this project.

It will mark an incredible change in the glasses market, you will be able to have what you wanted without needing to choose between what is available. We have been working on this project for several years, with the help of many professional talents.

It has been hard and discouraging but we kept believing in it and now it’s finally ready.

Thank YOU for sharing with us this huge VISION.

A team of unique people, just like you, just like your glasses.